Brand Lovers™ Implicit Positioning Research

Sentient Brand Lovers™ studies answer key questions brand managers have about their brands, including:

  • Do we have any lovers of our brand?
  • If we do, what makes them love our brand?
  • What are the psychographic and demographic profiles of our lovers?
  • What specific emotions do our lovers associate with our brand?
  • What are the attributes and emotions that are most compelling to drive sales?
  • What do non-lovers think of our brand and how can we convert them to lovers?
  • How do our lovers and non-lovers compare to the competition?

The Sentient Brand Lovers™ foundational assessment and tracking system is used at multiple stages of a brand’s life to identify, refine, and track the core brand attributes that are meaningful drivers of preference and most valued by consumers.

Advanced Brand Positioning Insights

Brand PositioningBrand Lovers™ studies use Sentient Prime® implicit research technology to quantify the subconscious and emotional associations with your brand. Sentient’s proprietary implicit measure assesses the degree that your brand has connected with the consumer self-concept, a key metric driving brand loyalty and willingness to pay a premium for your brand.

By benchmarking your brand versus competition, Brand Lovers™ identifies emotional brand positioning white space, determining where your brand needs to focus communications to differentiate from your competition to win market share and maintain brand premium levels.

Completing a Brand Lovers™ foundational research study is the first step along the path to closing the brand positioning/marketing communications loop.

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