Advanced Research Methods

Methods that Quantify Emotion and Reason

Our research begins with the fundamentally more accurate Proportion of EmotionTM model of human decision making which balances emotion with reason in predicting behavior just as consumer do.

We combine our deep expertise in the measurement of emotion with our expertise in consumer choice modeling to produce research designs that quantify the impact of both System 1 and System 2 processing on consumer behavior.

Consumer Choice Models

Sentient behavioral scientists are leaders in quantitative choice modeling. We incorporate discrete choice, choice-based conjoint, and MaxDiff trade-off methods into a majority of our studies as measures of System 2 deliberative processing.

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Implicit Associations

Sentient Prime® implicit research technology is the industry-leading tool for quantifying implicit associations. With ten years of R&D and over 100 million subconscious associations measured on thousands of brands, products, and advertising, Sentient Prime provides unprecedented access to the consumer non-conscious on a global scale.

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Electroencephalography (EEG)

For consumer studies we employ dense array electroencephalography (EEG) with source localization algorithms to reveal moment-by-moment neural reactions to advertising and emotional associations of the self with brands.

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Psychophysiological measures of arousal provide convincing evidence of consumer emotional engagement with marketing communications. Sentient utilizes skin conductance and heart rate measures to quantify emotional reactions to ads, packaging, and new product concepts.

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Eye Tracking

Our market research solutions incorporate location-based stationary eye-tracking for high-precision advertising and package testing, mobile eye-tracking for in-store shopper research, and scalable online web-based eye-tracking for solutions requiring less granularity.

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Facial Coding

Sentient uses the leading automated facial coding technologies to provide globally scalable moment-by-moment measurement of emotional response to advertising. This method reveals powerful insights when coupled with eye-tracking and implicit associations.

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