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The senior analyst position is a mid-level position within the firm (i.e., candidates will have an average of five years of experience). In this position, you will work closely with research managers, directors, and behavioral scientists to execute and analyze behavioral science-based research studies.
The senior analyst position is a critical learning position for someone with a research background who is seeking to develop knowledge and skills in the application of advanced behavioral science techniques. During the first year within this position you will learn skills, methods and processes that will form the foundation for a career in applied consumer behavioral science. This knowledge base will form the foundation for career progression along one of two paths within Sentient:
1) a client services path progressing to research manager and director positions, or
2) an analytics path, progressing to behavioral scientist and senior scientist positions
In the first year, you will gain knowledge and learn critical skills in consumer choice study design including the incorporation of implicit and emotional measures that more accurately forecast market behavior. The senior analyst will learn the fundamentals of advanced behavioral science techniques (Sentient Prime implicit associations, eye-tracking, facial coding of emotions, discrete choice analysis, etc.) and will become grounded in the types of business questions our research addresses for clients.
In addition, you will learn how the industry applies advanced analytic techniques, and you will gain a deep knowledge of how Sentient measures and analyzes subconscious associations with products, packaging, brands and advertising through deep exposure to our proprietary methods. With these skills, you will be in a position for significant career growth progression within Sentient Decision Science.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Research Design

  • Devising sampling plans, including determining representativeness, establishing quotas and ensuring acceptable error margins
  • Consulting with managers, directors and behavioral scientists on experimental design and on advanced method design (Implicit research technology, CBC, Maxdiff, EEG, SCR, Eye-tracking)
  • Quantitative study instrument design, including traditional attitudinal & behavioral questions, incorporated with advanced design components, specifying all skip and quota logic
  • Creating data analysis plans including a priori hypotheses and predictive models
  • Online study programming
  • Logic testing all skip patterns and quotas
  • Ensuring data integrity

Data collection management

  • Monitoring quotas and incidence

Data processing

  • Processing quantitative data including cleaning data, writing syntax, weighting data, estimating utilities, coding open-ends, creating analysis variables, creating choice simulators, creating tables


  • Basic statistical testing
  • Building predictive models
  • Analyzing data patterns
  • Running simulations based on choice and emotional data
  • Forming story building blocks through analytics
  • Pulling quotes, video and collateral images to support story
  • Pressure testing hypotheses against current knowledge
  • Creating story by pulling key insights from data analysis into a coherent structure
  • Ensuring all research objectives are addressed
  • Creating the central data comparison graphics based on analyses that illustrate the core components of the story
  • Creating data dashboards
  • Proofing data and typography
  • Writing conclusions and recommendations
  • Incorporating visual elements to tell the story

Experience, Education & Other Skills

  • The position requires 3-5 years of market research experience.
  • Master’s degree preferred, Bachelor’s required
  • Strong data analytics and research design skills required. Experience with SPSS or other statistical package necessary. Proficiency in PowerPoint and Excel a must
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to be fully engaged in work, demonstrate creative problem solving, inspire others with work output, and focused on personal and professional growth a must


  • Competitive compensation and excellent benefits including 401K Plan and profit sharing, health, dental, and disability insurance.

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