FRAME™ – Communication Strategy

How do I increase my advertising and social media ROI?

Most agree that the ultimate purpose of marketing is to affect behavior, but many rely heavily on informing and entertaining consumers to do the job.

The truth is that information and entertainment can be effective conduits for communicating, but they ignore the operative mechanisms that affect true cognitive and behavioral change. Ironically, most marketers are not taught the very science fundamental to their trade—the traditional belief being:

“If I communicate a relevant benefit in an emotionally compelling way, a new belief will be established and a new behavior will emerge.”

Unfortunately, this notion is contrary to most science dealing with human cognition and decision-making.

Reframing Cultural Narratives for Better Communication

There is almost always a popular cultural narrative attached to a brand or product working beneath the surface to inform beliefs that fuel or impede performance.

However, when you directly challenge someone’s beliefs, you reinforce the argument or “frame” that is causing those beliefs to emerge.

Since you cannot change your brand, Sentient FRAME™ deconstructs and redesigns prevailing narratives that inhibit its potential.

Sentient’s ability to quantify unconscious belief on a large scale helps inform social strategies, using sub-text and representational re-description to change the criteria on which opinions are rendered. This is similar to approaches used by sophisticated political campaigns, but with a scientific understanding of human social behavior and the research to make it predictive.

How Our Communication Strategy Approach Works

FRAME™ is a behaviorally-based communication strategy designed to elicit true cognitive and behavioral change.

Our platform not only informs the development of communication and design, it also leads to more fruitful feedback sessions, centering conversations not solely on the like-ability or hypothetical effectiveness of content, but on the use of prescribed behavioral strategies scientifically proven to change hearts and minds.

Communicate Better