NIMF 2014: Implicit Research Insights by Dr. Aaron Reid

Sentient Decision Science, Inc.

Sentient Decision Science’s Chief Behavioral Scientist, Dr. Aaron Reid, will lead two sessions at the Nonconscious Impact Measurement Forum (NIMF 2014) tomorrow (November 6) at Digital Sandbox in New York.

During Module 3, at 12:30, Dr. Reid will speak on how to combine implicit insights with other market research approaches to better predict consumer behavior.

During Module 5, at 3:40, he’ll moderate a session between Nick Harrington of Procter & Gamble and Sarah Snudden of Keurig as they discuss the importance of a holistic view of nonconscious behavior measurement.

NIMF 2014 Agenda

The Nonconscious Impact Measurement Forum, presented by GreenBook and the Burke Institute, is a day-long conference focused on the dynamic field of implicit measurement for market research.

NIMF 2014 is segmented into five distinct learning modules, each focusing on the business case for specific nonconscoius measurement techniques. Within each module, multiple presenters will share their insights.

  • MODULE 1: Building a Foundation for Nonconscious Measurement (9:00AM)
  • MODULE 2:  Business Case for Applied Neuroscience (9:40 AM)
  • MODULE 3: Business Case for Implicit & System 1 Techniques (11:40 AM)
  • MODULE 4: Business Case for Biometric Measurement (2:00 PM)
  • MODULE 5: Business Case for Holistic Nonconscious Models (3:40 PM)

Here’s how you can connect with Sentient Decision Science and Dr. Aaron Reid at NIMF 2014:

MODULE 3: The Business Case For Implicit & System 1 Techniques (11:40 AM)

Charting The Nonconscious By Going Beyond Implicit

12:30PM, by Aaron Reid (Sentient Decision Science)

Implicit measurement is a fantastic tool for generating game changing insights and one of its benefits is its “modular” capability to be combined with other approaches to deliver even more impressive results. In this session Behavioral Scientist Dr. Aaron Reid will detail how you can go beyond implicit to deliver more insights, more impact, more value, and more ROI.

MODULE 5: The Business Case for Holistic Nonconscious Models (3:40 PM)

Up Close & Personal With Clients: Round 4

3:40PM, Moderated by Aaron Reid (Sentient Decision Science); Panelists: Nick Harrington (Procter & Gamble) and Sarah Snudden (Keurig Green Mountain)

In the final client interview of the day Dr. Aaron Reid returns to the stage to lead a discussion with Nick Harrington of Procter & Gamble and Sarah Snudden of Keurig about the importance of a holistic view of nonconscious behavior measurement to take their respective research organizations to the next level.

Booth #1 at NIMF 2014

Stop by booth #1 to see our implicit research technology in action. Sentient’s Research Manager Nate Decker with be onsite demoing the Sentient Prime™ software and distributing literature regarding Sentient’s proprietary implicit research technology.

Our Sentient representatives are always nearby to explain how it all works and help you address the best ways to bundle Sentient’s tools with your existing technology.

We look forward to connecting with you at NIMF 2014!

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